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An extremely sexual girl Kelly Hall perfectly understands the online audience in social media. Her provocative and attractive photos on Instagram gave her more than 100,000 followers, and this number is increasing. Continue reading

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Mental Health Warrior, that’s how Anna Richardson calls herself because not long ago she fought off an alarming attack. The renowned broadcaster is also the co-founder of Mindbox, which provides expert help with stress and anxiety on the Internet. Continue reading

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Since childhood, Gemma Arterton had dreamed of becoming an actress, so she arranged with her sister Hannah for whole performances for parents. Studying at the noble girls’ school, Gemma became seriously interested in the performing arts, and at the age of 16 received a grant to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Continue reading

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Zara Holland is known for taking part in the reality show of love in 2016. On a television project, the girl met with Alex Bowen, sex with which showed in the show than greatly embarrassed the girl. Continue reading

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The debut of Berengere Krief took place on Lyon’s stage, which is quite predictable because she was born there. Since 2008, Krief has made a great interest in improvisation and created her own troupe that has performed in France, but that was not enough, and in 2009 she created a one-woman show. Continue reading

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Vonny Moyes is a weekly columnist for The National, a well-known zoo and nature advocate. In 2016, Vonny authored and signed a petition for violence against women, and actively advocated for women’s and men’s equal rights. Continue reading

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Melissa Benoist is the first woman in the world to broadcast superheroes. She liked the producers so much that she was invited to star in the series “Superwoman”, and her high stature, which she was ashamed of as a child became a great advantage. Continue reading

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Ava Karabatic, a professional pharmacist, never wanted to work in the profession, so at the age of 18, she went to Serbia to get a tattoo. But she fell in love with Belgrade and stayed there to live and master acting skills. Continue reading

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Shay Mitchell began her career as a model, but her role in the series “Cute Deception” changed her life. Mitchell played her first role in the teen series in 2009, and a year later she landed the title role in the series “Cute Deception,” which earned her incredible popularity and love for viewers. Continue reading

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Kelly Brook is a British television presenter, actress and model who is called the sex symbol of today. In 1999, Kelly quit the rating morning show to spend more time with her boyfriend Jason Statham but was unable to work long hours, so she began filming for the famous lingerie brand. Continue reading